Crochet apps

I desperately need to get to a yarn shop to pick up supplies but with the kids being on school holidays that’s a bit tricky. So, what do you do if you can’t physically crochet? This morning I have been playing with some crochet apps for kids I recently found.

There are three apps I downloaded – Ocean Rescue, Crochet Craft and Loopy Lost his Lettuce. These can all be downloaded from the App Store. For more information check out

Ocean Rescue

In this game kids are shown different ways to protect the ocean and its creatures from nastys such as oil spills and whaling. The creatures and surrounds are all crocheted and look super cute. The game is a bit tricky to work out what you need to do but we worked it out. The graphics were nice and colourful and would be enticing to young (and old) players.


Loopy Lost his Lettuce

This is an interactive story book that follows Loopy the snail as he searches for his lettuce. He meets lots of crochet friends along the way and learns about team work. Children can read the book themselves or have the option of being read to. There are also games to play along the way such as helping the butterfly to find her babies and collecting acorns for the squirrel. I loved this one!


Crochet Craft

This app is a bit like a paint/drawing app. You can select from a menu of crochet figures, shapes and backgrounds to create your own picture. The picture can be sent to a friend or take a screenshot to save to your device.




















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