Easy Crochet Washcloth


Do you sometimes suddenly realise that you are using some item around the house that has seen better days? I think it’s so funny that I can go along happily washing my kids faces day after day with the same washcloths and suddenly I find myself recoiling in horror at the manky, faded, shredded edged scrap of fabric I call a wash cloth.

Here is a pattern for an easy washcloth made with Moda Vera Beetle cotton/acrylic blend.

Using a 4mm hook, foundation sc 37

Row 1: sc in first fsc, dc in the next, sc in the next. Repeat pattern across to the end of the row finishing with a sc. Ch 2 and turn

Row 2: dc in the first sc, sc in the next dc, dc in the next sc, sc in the next dc. Continue pattern to end of row.

Continue working the pattern making sure you dc into every sc and sc into every dc. Remember to ch2 for rows staring with a dc and ch1 for rows starting with an sc.

I worked 18 rows but you can do more or less depending on your tension.

Finish by working a sc around all 4 sides of the washcloth.

May you now sleep well tonight knowing you have upgraded at least one manky item in your house….


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