DAY 96: Tick tock

Can you hear that? The sound of my 100th day approaching…

At my workplace we have a “Poets Corner” where we are given a theme and we can write a poem or prepare a piece of original art to display. This month’s theme is “Time out”. Well, my time out is crochet so I thought I would team crochet with a clock to represent time.


I started by pulling apart an old clock until I was left with lots of interesting pieces like these


Next I crocheted a circle big enough to cover the existing clock face. I then stitched around the outside and made a motif for the centre piece.


At this point I should have just reassembled the ticking clock and left it at that, but no, the case containing the clock movement  (apparently a technical name for it) was gently whispering to me to open it up and see exactly what made a clock tick.

This is what makes a clock tick and it definitely isn’t ticking any more….


I spent the better part of 2 hours watching YouTube videos trying to reassemble the parts but I have to admit defeat. I am left with a non ticking crochet clock, the hands of which I have been diligently moving manually each hour to impress the kids (shh)


I’ve also been playing around with flowers to represent the numbers, but not sure which version I like best.



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