DAY 85: Crochet drools

My dog has a drooling problem – a really, really bad drooling problem. She watches us eat with a string of drool reaching from her mouth to the ground. My 4 year old calls it her “jewels”.

The drool situation has reached crisis point now. Our kitchen feels like it is full of drool land mines with each of us gingerly stepping through on tip toes hoping we don’t make any wrong moves. Last week I turned from where I was preparing dinner, my favourite slippers connected with a drool puddle and I went flying across the kitchen floor landing in yet another drool puddle.

Time to take action – presenting my crochet doggy drool catcher. It has an upturned front to catch any escaping drool. It is made of bamboo cotton so we can just wipe her mouth and throw it in the wash.



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