DAY 55: Losing my marbles

Today somebody asked me how do I decide what to crochet every day. Well, I either relate it to some sort of special day, such as Mother’s Day or I relate it to something that is topical in my life at the moment.

A few months ago I decided to fancy up my kid’s bedroom. It’s not easy for an 11 year old girl to have to share a bedroom with her 4 year old brother so I divided the room in two and gave each of them their own look. My son now has a sports/games room with one of his favourite things being a marble run made from pool noodles.


My little man had never had marbles before and now I am finding them all over the house because he has nowhere to keep them. So, today’s project is a drawstring bag for marbles made from some plarn I had left over from a previous post. I started with a simple circle worked in the round with a 9mm hook and single crochet. When I had the desired size base, I single crocheted in back loops only for one round and then continued in the round until it was the desired length. I made the drawstring out of a chain of plarn.




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