DAY 28: Feeling Hoppy

I love pets. Not only do we have Special Dog but we are also the proud owners of two mini lop rabbits – Poppy Boomba and Charlie Bear.

I’m not sure what divine being had taken possession of my body and mind the day I allowed my daughter to convince me to drive to the other side of the city to “look” at rabbits. It was obviously the same being that set off home in my body with two 6 week old mini lop rabbits in tow.

They were quickly given monikers fit for small fluffy things – Poppy and Charlie. Poppy grew at an alarming rate. One day when she was tired of walking around the house, terrorising Special Dog and relieving herself on every wooden surface she could find, she attempted to hop back into the cage and her rather ample derrière became wedged in the door. We pushed her through and declared “from this day forth you shall be known as Poppy Boomba”

To  honour the existence of Poppy Boomba and Charlie Bear, may I present a fluffy long eared bunny hat for babies.




Free pattern coming soon


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