DAY 26: Ladybird Hat

The days are starting to feel cold now so beanies are being dragged out. My son has to wear a beanie outside at his daycare, which he hates, so I often have to quickly whip up a hat that meets his standards. Last year he was lucky enough to become a “Ladybird” at daycare and this was met with great excitement because everybody knows that Ladybirds are way better than Grasshoppers (i.e. 2 year olds). Anyway, for some reason he wasn’t too impressed with me making him a ladybird beanie so I altered the size to fit one of the lovely young girls who had been assigned the task of managing 20 odd ladybirds who were just learning to flap their wings.

So, presenting an adult sized ladybird beanie. I used my standard hat pattern and love hearts instead of spots. I also took inspiration from a ladybird beanie posted on Repeat Crafter Me




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