DAY 20: Try Something New Part 1.

Do you ever have one of those moments when it dawns on you that you’re going through the same repeated routines every day without really giving it a second thought. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like having a routine but every now and then it hits me that I’m existing in my own little comfort zone. I live, work, shop and send my kids to school and daycare in the same part of the world. If anyone dares to suggest leaving this part of the world my hands get clammy, my heart starts racing and I think “But what if I miss something that happens here?!”.

i’ve decided to set myself a challenge for the rest of this week to try to crochet something new. By something new I mean a technique that I have never tried before – I will be performing this feat in the safety off my own lounge room and have no intentions of leaving my comfort zone completely. Small steps, ok?

I recently got hold of an ebook from Simply Crochet magazine called Pro Guide to Crochet. I love this! I’ve been breathing it in trying to absorb some of the new techniques that it offers. This week I’ll use some of their texture techniques to create different items.

First off is the Fan Puff Stitch which I’m using to make a scarf for someone special (Mum, if you’re reading this don’t just assume it’s for you!).

This is my progress so far:


By the way, I’m one fifth of the way through my 100 days!! Is it much harder than I thought? Absolutely. But, am I having fun? You bet!


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