DAY 12: Countdown to Mothers Day 2015 Part 1

I thought I would devote this week’s posts to crochet gifts for Mothers Day. I have to admit that I often shirk away from the idea of making anything for Mothers Day. I don’t like “granny” style crochet and often wish that I could be a bit more creative to come up with some super duper ultra trendy piece. Before you get too excited, that super duper trendy piece is still eluding me, but I’ve come up with a mixture of possible gift ideas. I’d like to start with three necklace/scarves that I made recently when I was sick in bed with the flu for a week. There was nobody else home and I was able to crochet, sleep, crochet, sleep,  crochet, eat chocolate, crochet, eat more chocolate (notice I was starting to feel better?). I had a number of balls of bamboo cotton sitting around that I had been saving for a while and thought this would be the perfect use. I love bamboo cotton – it’s so luxurious and soft. A bit of a pain to work with as the yarn splits but it’s worth it in the end.

Free pattern coming soon.



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