DAY 6: International Guide Dogs Day

I love dogs about as much as I love crochet, which is a lot! Almost 3 years ago I was lucky enough to become the proud owner of Cherry Blossom, a Golden Retriever. When we went to pick her up we were told that she was”special”. I instantly had images in my head of my super (special) dog chasing after runaway prams, saving people from burning buildings or maybe being trained as a guide dog. Fast forward 3 years and apparently “special” means Golden Retriever crossed with an industrial vacuum cleaner. I still can’t work out why she needs special (there’s that word again, this time meaning more expensive than a fine dining restaurant) dog food for sensitive stomachs, but still has the ability to eat concrete, elastic bands, lunch boxes and rabbit poo without any noticeable side effects.

Today Is International Guide Dogs Day. In recognition of the amazing job these, dare I say, “special” dogs do every day, here is a cute guide dog bookmark for you to enjoy! Guide Dog Bookmark


Cherry Blossom being, well, special!

Cherry Blossom being, well, special!


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