I’m Buffy the vampire slayer and you are?

I was recently asked to complete a Buffy baby blanket for some diehard Buffy fans. I decided to go with the c2c method again.

Let’s kick off with baby Buffy. I created a graph first using PixelArt.

I used:

Panda brand acrylic yarn – Sky Blue Carnival 8 ply, Butter soft 8 ply, Black soft 8 ply and Red Carnival 8 ply

4 Seasons Marvel yellow 8 ply

4mm crochet hook


Here is the completed panel.image


A gold medal project?

The Olympic Games are coming to an end and I certainly won’t be winning any gold medals for finished projects!

I’ve been distracted this week, lured away from crochet by the excitement of pyssler/Hama/perler beads. I’ve been madly making different patterns and it’s sooo addictive! I even used some of my Olympic crochet graphs.


I had hoped to be cuddling up on the couch under my crochet Olympic blanket to watch the closing ceremony but at this stage I might be lucky to just cover my knees. On a positive note I have another four years to finish it off for the next Olympics.

Here is my gold medal panel


And here are the graphs I had planned on using for the blanket. I had athletics, weightlifting, swimming, basketball, Olympic Rings, soccer, gold, silver and bronze medals.


Let the games begin!

Olympic games fever has well and truly hit our household. We are watching it on television, reading about it in the newspaper and downloading games on our iPads.

I’ve caught Olympic crochet fever and thought an Olympic blanket would be a great idea. I’m completing a corner to corner blanket  and will be slowly revealing each panel.

After Austalia’s great start in the pool, let’s kick off with my crochet swimmer panel.

Here is the graph I created using PixelArt. You could change the swimmers colours to match your country!


And here is the finished panel



Happy Easter

Have you seen the gorgeous Amineko cats?

I love these cats so much I decided to use the pattern to create the cat without ears. I then used this pattern for bunny ears. With the ears I added three extra rounds reducing to 12 stitches in the round followed by 2 more rows of 12 stitches before finishing off. I used crochet cotton and a 3mm hook.

Aren’t they cute??

Crochet apps

I desperately need to get to a yarn shop to pick up supplies but with the kids being on school holidays that’s a bit tricky. So, what do you do if you can’t physically crochet? This morning I have been playing with some crochet apps for kids I recently found.

There are three apps I downloaded – Ocean Rescue, Crochet Craft and Loopy Lost his Lettuce. These can all be downloaded from the App Store. For more information check out http://www.woolizoo.com

Ocean Rescue

In this game kids are shown different ways to protect the ocean and its creatures from nastys such as oil spills and whaling. The creatures and surrounds are all crocheted and look super cute. The game is a bit tricky to work out what you need to do but we worked it out. The graphics were nice and colourful and would be enticing to young (and old) players.


Loopy Lost his Lettuce

This is an interactive story book that follows Loopy the snail as he searches for his lettuce. He meets lots of crochet friends along the way and learns about team work. Children can read the book themselves or have the option of being read to. There are also games to play along the way such as helping the butterfly to find her babies and collecting acorns for the squirrel. I loved this one!


Crochet Craft

This app is a bit like a paint/drawing app. You can select from a menu of crochet figures, shapes and backgrounds to create your own picture. The picture can be sent to a friend or take a screenshot to save to your device.



















Crochet tote bag

My mum requested a crochet bag about 6 months ago and I’ve finally got around to making it. I ended up giving it to her as a Xmas gift.


I love how the variegated cotton created a tapestry look!

5mm hook
Passioknit Vintage Breeze Kiki 100% cotton in wasabi (1 ball) and island jewels (2 balls) from Spotlight

In green.
Base as per the easy popcorn bag rounds 1 – 10.

Change to variegated yarn
Sc in each st around. Do not join. Continue to crochet in the round for 38 rounds. Change to solid colour
sc in the round for one and 3/4 more rows. Stop half way along front of bag.


Sc in next 15 sc, ch 80, turn. Skip 28. Join with a slip stitch to next sc.
Work along front of bag. Sc in 28 then along the inside of the ch 80 and back along the front of the bag. Repeat 2 more times. Finish half way along the front of the bag with a slip stitch.

For second handle,

Hold sides of bag together. Join solid colour with a slip stitch, chain 80, turn, skip 28, join to next sc with a slip stitch. Sc along the front edge and along the inside of the chain 80. Repeat 2 more times. Join with a slip stitch to starting stitch.